“This Path is not for the weak and the faint-hearted!”


Bhikubhai had been instructed to bring the well-known bhajan singer of Poona, Gajanan Watve, to sing. Knowing Baba enjoyed ghazals the most, Watve […]

“The thick curtain of maya hides my face from your sight”


On another occasion, Baba quoted this verse from the Perfect Master Tukaram:

Even if I were to have your sahavas [company] […]

On the conduct of weekly gatherings

After John Bass’ return from India, he wrote to Adi inquiring how they should conduct their Monday Night meetings in New York City.

…In […]

“All you have to do is to obey me”

Madhusudan then sang a few ghazals whose meaning would occasionally be interpreted by Baba. He said:

On the Path, cowards have no place. Hafiz […]

“Love and grace are needed on the Path” – Part 2 (Final)

I am the Avatar of this Age. … See that my daaman does not slip from your hands then. Hafiz says:

Do […]

“Love and grace are needed on the Path” – Part 1


Baba then mentioned those who dabble in Vedanta and the Upanishads and confuse it with spiritual experience:

In North India, particularly in Rishikesh […]

Comparison of Writings of Inspired Poets and Scriptures

Francis was working on the notes that were to appear at the back of the book [Stay With God], and he was reading through […]

Baba’s Samadhi – The atmosphere is permeated with His Divine presence

“Meher Baba once conveyed to His close ones, ‘This [body] is only an overcoat that I’m wearing; this is not the real Me.’ That […]

Baba’s Samadhi – The two things to remember while bowing down at Samadhi

When bowing down at the tomb, I want you all to remember two things:

– to love Me wholeheartedly. Love does not mean the […]