God and the Individual: Chasm between consciousness and unconsciousness

We have seen that the possible field of consciousness is limited by the sanskaras. This limitation creates a division of the human psyche into […]

God and the Individual: Triple entanglement and duality

The history of the limited individuality is a history of the development of a triple entanglement with mind, energy, and matter (body). Duality prevails […]

God and the Individual: Objective universe

Side by side with the birth of the separate and limited individuality, there also comes into existence the objective universe. As the limited individuality […]

God and the Individual: Separateness exists only in imagination

When the rays of the sun are made to pass through a prism, they get dispersed and become separate because of the refraction. If […]

God and the Individual: Individualization of consciousness

The boundary in which consciousness can move is prescribed by the sanskaras, and the functioning of consciousness is also determined by the desires. As […]

God and the Individual: Scope of full consciousness

The progressive evolution of consciousness from the stone stage culminates in man. The history of evolution is the history of a gradual development of […]

God and the Individual: Cause of false thinking

Thinking becomes false because of the interference of sanskaras* accumulated during the process of the evolution of consciousness. The function of consciousness is perverted […]

God and the Individual: Apparent existence of the finite

You are infinite. You are really everywhere. But you think that you are the body, and therefore consider yourself limited. If you think you […]

God and The Individual: God is the only Reality



God is infinite. He is beyond the opposites of good and bad, right and wrong, virtue and vice, birth and death, pleasure […]

Baba’s teachings combine both materialism and spirituality

Baba explained some of the aspects of his teachings and workings:

I wish to establish a new school of thought suitable to both the […]