Ask for the true Sight

Baba then left for Worli, a Bombay suburb, to visit the home for the blind. The young inmates received him warmly. Speaking reverentially on behalf of all, one of the young blind men eloquently welcomed Baba.

veryone gave a small rose to Baba, who embraced each. All went near the One who is the very basis of love, but whom their physical eyes could not see. Baba’s fathomless love for them was obvious and truly touching, and their sightless eyes wept at his touch. Each blind person’s face was transformed as Baba embraced him, as though an inner light had been switched on.

One person asked Baba why he was so unfortunate as to be blind. Was it because of some misdeeds he had committed in a previous birth? Baba replied: “In a way you are very fortunate not to see the evils and sufferings of the world. All are blind. Even those you think can see are truly blind, for they see what is not real.

“You do not see the real either — it is only your desire to do so that binds you. Therefore, do not ask for physical eyesight, but ask that you be given the true Sight which will make you see the only thing worth seeing, the only thing which IS. Take my name all the time. Think of me constantly. I give my love and blessings to you all.”, p4502
March, 959; Bombay

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