Baba’s order

At 8:00 P.M. Kaka Shahane and his wife Manutai suddenly came with their children for Baba’s darshan. Manutai had Baba’s order not to drink tea, but as she was going to Kolhapur to visit her relatives who might insist on her taking tea, she requested that Baba allow her to drink tea during her visit. Baba gave his consent, but corrected her:

 “It is a mistake to ask for a change in my order once given. When I give an order it should be followed at any cost until the time I, on my own, withdraw it. And so all orders, under all circumstances, are to be carried out. There should be no breach of my word. I will never refuse a change in the original order if asked for, but take it that the effect and force of my first word or order is lost once it is changed. And because of that, those concerned will necessarily have to suffer.”, p802
April, 1927; Meherabad

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