Conscious and unconscious


Explaining what he meant by conscious and unconscious, Baba stated: “Not unconscious in the sense of chloroform. Unconscious means that you have infinite power, bliss and knowledge, but you cannot use it unless you have normal consciousness – also it means knowing that you have this Infinite in you.”

Kitty interrupted, “Is there a better word for conscious and unconscious?”

“No other word for it,” Baba replied. “I will give you an example to make you understand conscious and unconscious. The example has a flaw it in, but it will make it clearer.

“There is a mountain of gold. Unless you excavate it, take out the gold, use it and sell it, you cannot get money for it. You without gold are helpless, and gold without you is of no use. You dig it out, sell it, and with it you get what you want. So used gold is conscious – unused, unconscious.

“Now the flaw is that gold is a metal and you, however, are human. The mountain is gold (God) and you are gold (God) – the one and the same God in all.

“Why is this creation? God has to experience Himself as having infinite power, knowledge and bliss. God does not change.”
–Lord Meher (First Ed), p2639

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