No other solution but to love me

As I said the other day, the gross, subtle, mental and God are all within you in human form. Don’t try to find subtle, […]

“The difference is only in the state of consciousness”

Why do I say everything is within you? It is not above or beneath. The difference is only in the state of consciousness. For […]

It is all a game of consciousness

Baba feeding Masts

The following day, Baba expounded on his work at the Rahuri ashram:

It is all a game of consciousness, directing […]

Emergence of higher consciousness is gradual

Someone asked, “Do persons on the spiritual planes of consciousness take birth having consciousness of the same plane?” Baba replied:

Yes, but the emergence […]

Conscious and unconscious


Explaining what he meant by conscious and unconscious, Baba stated: “Not unconscious in the sense of chloroform. Unconscious means that you have infinite […]