It is all a game of consciousness


Baba feeding Masts

The following day, Baba expounded on his work at the Rahuri ashram:

It is all a game of consciousness, directing the spiritual consciousness of the God-intoxicated (masts) toward material consciousness by my physical service to them, and uplifting the material consciousness of others to God-Consciousness by my spiritual guidance to them. Thus, my Infinite Consciousness works two ways. This present activity at the Rahuri ashram is my latest external activity before I speak.

I have called the Western men and women to India to see and share in my work. They are to be trained in a spirituality made practical, and, although it will not be a crown of thorns for them, it won’t be a bed of roses either. Spirituality has its inherent difficulties, but my love and guidance will render it smooth and easy for them.

Therefore, to make others render service, I myself have to serve. To guide, instruct and help humanity, I have to come down to their level of understanding and consciousness, and it is here that I am generally misunderstood. But even if I am misunderstood, my coming down to normal consciousness to help mankind does not in any way interfere or undermine my infinite state.

For example, a graduate who has a M.A. degree comes down to the level of a student whom he teaches the alphabet to by writing the letters of the alphabet himself. It does not mean that he has ceased to hold a M.A. because he writes the alphabet. Therefore, my spiritual, infinite state remains unaffected, even if I come down to human level., p1746
Nov, 1936; On voyage back to India from Europe

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