India has to raise above caste discrimination and religious intolerance



India is a land of spirituality and spirituality means peace, love and brotherhood. Then how could the world expect to receive this message from India when Indians fight among themselves over childish questions? The dissension between Mohammedans and Hindus, the friction between the Brahmins and the Untouchables all indicate and imply that India is a land of dissension and divisions, controlled by the monster of caste, creed and class! The real Swaraj [self-rule] is the Swaraj of the Soul. When spiritual freedom is gained, moral, mental and material “self-rajas” automatically follow.

So let India rise above these petty questions, [put them] right, imparting spirituality to the confused, tormented and ignorant world.

Saints, Masters, spiritual Perfect Souls always help humanity through their infinite love, and their task could be rendered easier by the cooperation of the masses to act according to their teachings., p1746
Nov, 1936; On voyage back to India from Europe

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