No other solution but to love me

As I said the other day, the gross, subtle, mental and God are all within you in human form. Don’t try to find subtle, mental and God in some other world — it is in you in human form. It is just the change in the vision of consciousness which gives the change of experiencing different planes and worlds.

Now in the gross world there is human consciousness, and here on this earth and in the whole universe, also in the subtle world and mental world, there are innumerable experiences but the experiences that you have in this gross world, these experiences are quite different from the experiences of the subtle world — absolutely different from the subtle world, but it is all in you; you don’t go anywhere, you do not rise to higher geographical or geometrical levels.

It is all here, but as the angle of vision changes through experiencing different things, in the end you begin to experience yourself as God; after having a number of infinite experiences, you eventually ultimately experience yourself as God — that is the end. That one ultimate experience is the Real experience — all other experiences of the gross world, the subtle, the mental, all these experiences are illusory.

So all states — even hell, limbo, worlds, planes — are all in you in human form. Don’t ask in other places, ask within you. But to eventually become your own Self, you have to love me — no other remedy — no other solution but to love me.

-How A Master works, p312, Ivy Duce,

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