Their time has not yet come

Baba in Satara

A hostel for poor students was situated between the Grafton and Rosewood bungalows. When Baba walked by it daily, the principal and pupils would stand on one side of the road to offer salutations and were very drawn to him. But adjoining it was another student hostel whose students would ridicule them. Once, they surrounded Bhau and began questioning him. “You are a well-educated Hindu,” they said. “Why do you leave your religion and go running after this Parsi Saint?”

Bhau replied, “This in itself is a matter which has to be understood. I see in Meher Baba things that are beyond religion, and for that reason I am with him.”

The students would daily waylay and pester Bhau with questions, and pretend to show interest in Meher Baba. Thinking they were sincere, Bhau would take time to talk with them and tell them stories about Baba.

One day, Baba asked Bhau about the students, and Bhau described how he was trying to draw them to Baba. Baba corrected him, “You are a fool! If you plant a seed in a stone and water it daily, what will happen? Nothing. It will not germinate and all your labor will be in vain.

“So what is the use in telling them about me? They are like stones! Their time has not yet come. Do not waste your energy with them anymore.”

As Mani wrote to Filis (on 23 October 1955): “Baba said long ago, ‘I am like a Lion — but at the moment a caged lion. Those who recognize me feel the strength of my power, but only to a small degree. When I speak I will uncage myself, and then you will know my divine strength.’ “, P3723
October, 1955; Satara
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