“Desires and longings are the root cause of all suffering”

Baba had once stated: “Words that proceed from the Source of Truth have real meaning …”   And direct from the Source came the following words for his lovers, through Mani’s Family Letter of 14 December 1966:

Desires and longings are the root cause of all suffering. The only Real Desire is to see God, and the only Real Longing is to become one with God. This Real Desire and longing frees one from the bondage of birth and death. Other desires and longings bind one with ignorance.

To desire the Real Desire and to long for the Real Longing you need my grace, and you cannot have that until you surrender all other desires and longings to me.

Your love for me will help you to surrender these desires and longings, and my love for you will help you to desire the Real Desire and long for the Real Longing, which are by my grace.

-www.lordmeher.org, p5255
Nov, 1966; Meherazad

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