Devotees should lean only on Baba but not on each other

About weaknesses, Baba explained to women:

Those devotees who have similar weaknesses, similar self-seeking, apparently love each other and apparently do not love the others. But what results is bad. The slavish tendency of depending on moods creeps in.

How? Take Norina for example who loves me as her Beloved, and has given up everything to stay near me. However, Norina’s moods and weaknesses are similar, say, to Hedi’s and not to Kitty’s. What happens? Norina and Hedi pass impressions back and forth to one another. Hedi says Baba is so lovely, so beautiful, et cetera, and Norina reciprocates. But, because of weaknesses, Hedi might some day fail in my test of love and give me up. The same Hedi who used to say Baba is this and that might now say Baba is the devil!

What happens to Norina? She who had leaned on Hedi’s impressions now stands alone, stranded. So devotees must always lean on Baba, not on each other. This does not mean you should not talk to one another, love one another, pass impressions to each other, be together or share experiences — but you must not lean. You must love, serve and help one another and make each other love me more. Love, don’t lean.

It is very difficult for all to love each other equally, but it is not difficult not to lean. One remedy: the faith and love must be made so strong that even if all fail and leave me, you do not!

Rano and Kitty have similar attitudes. Norina and Hedi have similar attitudes, as do Elizabeth and Norina. So love each other; but if you cannot do this, at least do not hate each other., p1932
Aug, 1938; Meherabad


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