East-West Gathering – Conversations with lovers: “It is of the highest benefit for all to hold to the Avatar’s daaman”

Filis Frederick came to Baba with the New York group. She mentioned some American lovers who could not come for his darshan. Baba inquired about her hip pain and work, and in the same way made personal contact with others in the group. He remarked, “I am very happy to see you all. How is the group, Fred? How do you all manage among yourselves?” Someone said there were hitches, hindrances caused by petty personal things, but that everyone met on common ground. Baba commented, “To maintain an atmosphere of cooperation and harmony is essential. Do you know that I am also there with you at the meetings?”

About the question of establishing other centers in America, Baba said, “All these problems will be solved when I give the Word. The problems of the whole world will find a solution. Continue to love me, and those who love me will feel the impact of that Word in their hearts. … You may even topple over or do a somersault!

“That new book of discourses [The Everything and The Nothing] will give satisfaction to some; even the scientists will find information in it that will help them a great deal. But what is wanted is help through the heart. One has to find me there. That feeling gives such happiness that you will even stop reading my discourses. When I give out the Word, then all problems will be solved. … Are you happy?”

Discussing matters with other groups, Baba remarked that in the aspiration of attaining God-realization, to go from one saint to another was useless. He stressed that roaming about in that manner was actually harmful, because at the moment the world was full of so-called saints, mahatmas and yogis who, instead of benefiting the seekers, did them much harm.

Warning his Western lovers about cults and doctrines for achieving Realization in seven days, Baba remarked, “Talk of Realization in seven days is ludicrous! So long as the seeker does not become like dust under the Perfect Master’s feet, there is no solution to free himself from the net of ignorance.

In the whole world, at any and all time, there are only five Sadgurus; and so the seeker has to be very careful lest he becomes prey at the feet of a false Sadguru.

“In short, it is of the highest benefit for all to hold to the Avatar’s daaman. Even if you lose everything, hold fast to it. I am the Avatar of this Age!”

-www.lordmeher.org, p4869
Nov, 1962;Β East-West Gathering, Guruprasad

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