“The world will find its leader that it now seeks”


Questioner: But what I mean to say is that there are certain periods when this evil is at its height, and people who were eager to know Truth and were trying to find it do not understand why evil should spread throughout the world to such an alarming extent.

Baba: These are real periods which clearly show signs of the real turning point approaching. When evil predominates, it is a sure sign of the good that is coming. It must rise to its highest before it is eradicated and destroyed, root and branch. The various signs of evil all over the world are preceding an era of good that is to immediately follow.

Questioner: Do you think it will lead to that?

Baba: Sure. It will and must. It is a law, the law of duality —good and evil, light and dark, knowledge and ignorance— two forces working in opposites for the attainment of unity. And there are always good souls who help humanity through their good thoughts, words, and actions.

Questioner: But they are few.

Baba: Yes, but these few do a great deal in helping humanity through these good thoughts and acts. And at certain times, leaders do appear for the salvation of humanity. Such a time is approaching, and the world will find its leader that it now seeks.

 –Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p142



Naam dhun3: http://avatarmeher.org/multimedia/songs/20150617%20Special%20sahavas/Naam_dhun_special_sahavas.mp3



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