Explanations versus Experience – Part 1/2

I too was once like you, attracted towards this worldly Maya; but oh! What lila, what powers my Guru possessed, that he showed me the Pearl of Realization!

“Tu tu” karta tu bhayo, raha na mujme hu.
Mai vari javu tujpe: jidhare dekhta udhar tu-hi-tu! “

Constantly repeating Thy name, I became One with Thee!
Nothing was left of myself.
How can I sing Thy praise, 0 Guru mine? Wherever I cast
my eyes, I perceive Thee and nothing of myself.

Who brought about this transformation? The Guru! And that too, how easily! Only through his kind Grace can the prize be won! The Guru’s Grace is absolutely required. You are all undergoing the same process of treading the path of Realization, and you are advancing in a direct line. Realization shall be bestowed upon those who deserve it and to whom it is due to be given. With the Guru’s Grace, all this is the work of a moment—a tap on the head—and then, ah, Bliss, Eternal Bliss! You could never get the faintest idea of this Bliss, even if I went on explaining it to you in words, by speech or writing, for ages together! It can’t be understood without actual Experience, without Realization.

Take the example of this Makan [Baba is referring to the Makan-e-khas, the house that was constructed opposite Post office near the railway track], which we will use to represent Realization. Now in the Makan one finds so many boxes, vessels, lanterns, all manner of objects and items. Now suppose in the past you have not seen many of these things-lanterns, boxes, vessels-nor do you know anything about them. How could you get any idea about them–of what they are, and so forth? You could learn either by explanation or by direct seeing—which corresponds, in our analogy, to Experience.

Now, of these two methods—”seeing” and “explaining”– the second, that is, the way of explanation, is very difficult and lengthy, and as said before, it would take not just years but ages for you to understand all these things—the secrets of Realization—if I had to give you an idea and explanation of each item separately, in order to bring you to a complete understanding. But if, instead of all this botheration of explaining, you were brought here with your eyes closed, or covered with bandages, and if the bandages were then removed, at a glance you would realize which item is which—that this is the lantern, that is the box, this is the vessel, this is this and that is that. Such understanding a thousand explanations could not convey to you, but you would get it all in a moment, all in a glance, through seeing—by actual experience. In short, things which can hardly be understood at all through explanations can be easily grasped and realized through sight through experience—though indeed, such seeing leaves you amazed and wonderstruck!

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p39
22-May-1926; Meherabad

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