Explanations versus Experience – Part 2/2

Take another analogy on the same theme. Suppose a simple villager from Arangaon, who has never before so much as stepped out of his village, was escorted with bandages over his eyes and made to stand in a street in one of the great cities in America or Europe, and then suppose the bandages were suddenly stripped away: what would be his state? He would be simply amazed! Garries’ and motor cars and trams and trains and all the hum-drum of city life would leave him in a daze, staring blankly all around him. Now all these things —the heavy traffic of tram, train, and motor car—if you tried to explain them to him for years and years, still he wouldn’t get the foggiest notion of them, let alone a clear idea; but he would get a clear idea and understanding of all of it in no time when he saw these things personally and had the experience.

Just the same applies to Realization—its explanation versus its experience. You have bandages round your eyes now, and so you have no knowledge, no inkling of an idea. You do not even understand and realize the difference between the refuse (the nark or hell) and the pearl. For, although I sincerely offer you the priceless pearls of Sat-marg (the path to Truth), you go and dip your mouths in the nark—which is to say, you are attracted by the worldly Maya and get entangled therein. So the duty of the Guru is, first of all, to release and free you from the venomous jaws of this Maya, and then to give you the Experience—Realization.

Once you have surrendered yourself to a Guru, he has to perform his duty towards you–he cannot escape that. All that is required from you thereafter is your unbounded love and unswerving faith. These will encourage him in his duties towards you.

So, take your Guru to be your God, and with as much love and faith as possible, surrender and serve him. And then you will be saved!

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p39
22-May-1926; Meherabad


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