Surrender body and soul

When you give your beard into the hands of a barber for shaving,  you allow him to take as much liberty as he likes with your face, turning your head in any direction he wishes—this side, that side—because you have your need. your garaj (need), your object in view, and that is, to get yourself shaved. Once the need, the object of getting shaved, has been served, you won’t allow him any further liberty not even a touch. At this juncture if the barber ventures so much as to brush his hand against your face, he gets from you a slap or a kick; or, if you have a mild nature, you warn him, “Take care! Don’t touch me !”

In the same way, if you have the need or desire for God-realization ( the realization of Self), take yourself and surrender to a Sadguru, body and soul. Having done so, then go whenever, wherever, and however he likes and orders you, carry out his every word, and your need, your object (of Self-realization) will be served—sooner or later, according to your own actions and deserts. That is to say, if you do not hesitate to surrender to an ordinary barber to get your object of shaving duly attended to, then why not surrender to a Sadguru , if you desire such a great gift and attainment as Self-realization?

– “Meher Baba’s Tiffin lectures”, p49
30-May-1926; Meherabad


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