Fiery Free Life, Explained – Part 2 (Final)


The Perfect Ones, who retain normal consciousness and the body even after realizing the unchanging and absolute Truth, dwell eternally in Divine Love, which transcends all duality and surpasses all understanding. They enjoy abiding and unassailable peace, for they have at last arrived at the final goal of creation.

I have no connection with politics. All religions are equal to me, and all castes and creeds are dear to me. But, although I appreciate all “isms,” religious and political parties for the many good things that they seek to achieve, I do not and cannot belong to any of these “isms,” religious or political parties. For the Absolute Truth, while equally including them, transcends all of them, and leaves no room for separate divisions which are all equally false. The unity of all life is integral and indivisible. It remains unassailable and inviolable in spite of all conceivable ideological differences.

I am equally approachable to one and all, big and small,
to saints who rise and sinners who fall,
through all the various paths that give the Divine Call.
I am approachable alike to saint whom I adore
and to sinner whom I am for,
and equally through Sufism, Vedanta, Christianity,
or Zoroastrianism and Buddhism,
and other “isms” of any kind,
and also directly through no medium of “isms” at all.

When I was in America, people asked me when I would break my silence. I, in turn, asked them: “If my silence cannot speak, of what avail would be speeches made by the tongue?” When God thinks my speaking would be heard universally, He will make me break my silence. However, silence or no silence, he who would deeply ponder over the Truth which I declare shall eventually be initiated into the Life Eternal.

Side by side with other activities of the Fiery Free Life, there will invariably be one constant feature of that life, wherever it takes me. I will bow down to the saints whom I adore, the masts whom I worship and the poor to whom I am wholeheartedly devoted. Nothing makes me more happy than the opportunities to bow down to God in all these forms. I like bowing down to the people rather than being bowed down to. To serve and worship God all around me is closest to my heart.

In the Fiery Free Life, all the frailties of the ego-life are completely consumed, and there is complete emancipation from all wants, desires and temptations. And the result of this Fiery Free Life will make the world understand that Meher Baba and everyone is One with God.

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p3970

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