Fiery Free Life, Explained – Part 1

Thereafter, Baba’s explanation of his Fiery Free Life  was read out to the crowd:

The role which God has willed for me has had several phases. The pre-Realization ordinary state, the Old Life state of realized divinity, the New Life state of perfect humility and intensive seeking of God as Truth through the achievement of Manonash, and the tripartite Free Life, which emerged after the attainment of Manonash, have all happened by God’s Will.

In the first part of the Free Life, culminating on July 10th, 1952, bindings dominated freedom. It was in this first part that the personal disaster, for some years foretold by me, took place in the form of an automobile accident while crossing the American continent, causing me, through facial injuries, a broken leg and a broken arm, much mental and physical suffering. It was necessary that it should happen in America. God willed it so.

In the second part of this Free Life, freedom had dominated bindings. And in the third part of this Free Life, commencing from November 15th, 1952, both freedom and bindings are consumed in the Fire of Divine Love, which destroys the very basis of the illusion of duality and all its paraphernalia.

I am not concerned with individual reactions to me as an individual. They will be as various as there are individual temperaments. My sole concern in the Fiery Free Life, commencing from November 15th, will be with the Divine Truth of my Realization, which I would like to share with those who seek it. The consuming of freedom and bindings, which is characteristic of the Fiery Free Life, means that there is a complete blending of the God-state and the Man-state, so that the one does not live through opposition to the other, and there can be no question of the one encroaching upon the province of the other.

Spiritual freedom is essentially a positive state of conscious enjoyment of Infinite Divinity. It does not have to maintain itself through the constant overcoming of any bindings, for these come to be realized as not bindings of the soul, in its essence, but as temporary bindings of the body and the mind, which can in no way curtail the bliss, power and understanding of Conscious Divinity. In other words, the bindings to which the soul seems to be subject turn out to be no bindings of the soul in its true essence. The bindings are realized as only illusory. After the annihilation of the limited mind, the Infinite Consciousness of the soul, with all its knowledge, power and bliss, remains unaffected by any weaknesses or diseases to which the body might yield as a result of natural laws.

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p3970

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