Meher Baba’s Fiery Life

Meher Baba’s Fiery Life

– Ramjoo Abdulla

At the end of his New Life, amongst other things, Baba declared in February, 1952, that his Fiery Life would commence from November 15th that year. Although preparations in general were set on foot seven months earlier, what Baba calls the Rhythm for the Fiery Life, was vigorously taken in hand from November first.

Since the auto accident in America, BABA had just begun to move about very slowly, free from all external supports. His movements were still restricted and cumbersome, yet they did not interfere with his creating an atmosphere of intense activity, alertness and industry around himself for the next fortnight.

It is not easy to describe how one apparently disabled could so electrify himself and a host of his people into day and night activity about ‘something very big’ without actually disclosing anything. In fact, to this day BABA alone knows what his Fiery Life means for him and others concerned. It is best described as the last part of the tripartite ‘Free Life’ which emerged after Man-O-Nash (annihilation of the mind), at the end of BABA’S ‘New Life’ phase. During the Fiery Life, both freedoms and bindings are expected to be consumed in the fire of Divine Love, leading to the destruction of the very basis of the illusion of duality and all its paraphernalia.

“From November 15th, my sole concern will be with the Divine Truth of my Realization, which I would like to share with those who seek it . . .I will do all that I have to do internally . . . I have to lay the foundation from the ABC to the highest in order to build up for the future . . . I have to set myself afire, and since I am everywhere, all will be in that fire of mine . . . The whole world will have to burn with me . . . It is the most critical period of my Spiritual Work . . . I have to see to my Fiery Life also externally . . . I have to do many, many things . . . ” is the gist of the remarks heard from BABA from time to time, during the first fifteen days. Later at Hamirpur, when somebody erred in carrying out an instruction, BABA said in the same vein, “I am burning inside; do not also burn me from the outside by neglect.”
– The Awakerner, Vol 1, No 1, 1953

After ages and ages, the time has now come for the real revelation of the Infinite in the universe. So the Fiery Life which begins on November 15th and ends at the end of April will reveal that only God is real and all else is illusion.
–Lord Meher (First Ed), p3845

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