Fred and Ella Winterfeldt – Part 3 (“all eventually comes to me”)

Fred (with spects) behind Baba


Baba explained to the Winterfeldts how he had changed the Sufi order, and commented:

Norina is my jewel.

Mrs. Duce is another gem.

Elizabeth is unique.

Now, what I wish you to understand is that I am not only concerned with Sufism, but also with Vedanta, Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Christianity. So, whether you follow Sufism or not, it all eventually comes to me. But, if you are interested in Sufism, do continue to have interest, follow it, but on the basis of my plan for it.

I do not think you need any “ism,” and as a matter of fact, Mrs. Duce, Brabazon and other leaders in India do not need Sufism, because they have me. But, since I want different men to work differently for me for these five aspects of reality, I now, personally and directly, entrust the Sufi work to Mrs. Duce and Brabazon. Therefore, this work of Sufism will not be for themselves, but for me.

For example, I might one day find you suitable to do my Christian mystical work and entrust the work to you. That does not mean you need it; but for my work I order you to do it, and you have to do it. I might ask you to help this work of Sufism; I might ask you to help in my work of any other aspect. Are you prepared to do it?

The Winterfeldts said, “Yes.”

Then you are Baba’s, and do not need any particular “ism.” Only do as I tell you.

You know it is all God, all Truth, all one Reality. When one experiences that reality in one’s own self, then all is clear from beginning to end, in an awakening that has no beginning or end. Then God and God alone is real. We are all one. May my very love for you, and your love for me, and your preparedness to do what I tell you to do bring you soon to that Reality. God can do this in a flash.

I will tell you tomorrow about my program, so that we can see whether you can help. I know you cannot help with money, but all the love you have will help me. And how you can help, I will tell you tomorrow.

The Winterfeldts offered their farm to Baba to do with as he liked. Baba remarked, “You give me the only possession you have, and yet you say you have not done enough for me. You love me so much!”

–, p3803


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