Ignorance is the medium to help us comprehend the Infinite

Question: Can the finite mind realize the Infinite?

Baba: There is nothing like finite. Even now, when you think that you are finite, your conception finite is not real. There is nothing like finite. As long as the sense of binding remains, one can only have mere glimpses of the Infinite, but when the Infinite is realized, it is found that the finite was the Infinite all the time. So there is no question of the finite finding the Infinite.

Question: Is it due to ignorance that the finite does not know that it is Infinite?

Baba: Yes, but this ignorance is the medium for the self to realize the Self. And self-realization means knowledge. Just as a bird that is always free does not know that it is free, but when it is imprisoned in a cage and then set free, then it knows what freedom is. And just as this impression of its imprisonment has been the medium for the bird’s knowing and appreciating “freedom” so also, although you are all-knowledge; and your present ignorance, like the bird’s imprisonment, is the medium that will help you to comprehend that you are all-knowledge all the time.

Silent Teachings of Meher Baba, compiled and edited by Naosherwan Anzar, p134

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