“In the fire of love, all dirt is automatically consumed”

[This is an extract of Fred and Ella’s first meeting with Beloved Baba]

At last, Fred and Ella came to Myrtle Beach to meet their Master. At 3:10 P.M. on 10 May 1952, they were shown into the Lagoon Cabin. As they entered, Baba stood up, his arms unfurled to receive them. Taking their hands, Baba sat down with one on either side of him, still holding their hands. He embraced Ella first. She dropped her head on his shoulder like a tired babe or little bird, and all she could say was, “O Baba …” in a sigh of complete resignation and repose.

Baba disclosed to them: “I have heard so much about you from Elinora [Elizabeth and Norina], and also from your own heart’s voice. I feel very happy. Very, very happy indeed. All you did for me, through love, I understand, I know.

“We have nothing to offer you but ourselves,” Fred said. “We have surrendered to you, but we have not lived up to it as we should.”

“I feel so touched, “Baba replied. “What more can one give than wholehearted love? And that you have for me.

“So all your faults are to me just trifles. In the fire of love, all dirt is automatically consumed. What we have to do is be as absolutely honest with God as He is with us. He looks after everything and everyone with divine honesty, and we must love Him with heartfelt honesty. In loving Him there can be no compromise. And as you love me, be sure God will help you love Him, and know me in Him.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p3063
May, 1952; Myrtle Beach

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