Knowledge (Dnyan) – Part 3

God alone is real. Everything else is in God. We are one with Him, but due to ignorance, we experience separation. But this separation, in turn, is necessary to realize our Oneness with Him. Now, because we are already one with this Swayambhu Knowledge, it cannot be given by God. Once this Knowledge of God, which is called Swayambhu individualized, is gained, one can impart that Knowledge to anyone. Dnyan is already there in everyone, but who is to give it? For that reason, a Sadguru is necessary. But a Sadguru will not give it to just anyone. He cannot give it to one who has not annihilated himself completely. He gives it to one who has surrendered himself one hundred percent, or to one who has a very, very close or deep connection with him. Sadgurus can give this Knowledge in a second. But one who wants this Knowledge must have the necessary preparedness. Only then, the Sadguru gives help. He does not give this Knowledge to those who are unprepared; for, in their case, it would be like throwing pearls before swine. That has been the law.

In short, that which you cannot imagine is Dnyan, which even the rishis and munis cannot imagine. When one fails to grasp the Divine Swayambhu Knowledge, how can one grasp the One who has that Knowledge? But when you come in contact with a Dnyani who starts explaining it, it means that you are on the way towards Dnyan. Knowledge cannot be imagined; then what of the Dnyani (possessor of the Knowledge)? When Vidnyanavestha (Divine Knowledge) cannot be imagined by the rishis, then what can they imagine about the state of a Dnyani?

–Lord Meher (first ed), p3916

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