Knowledge (Dnyan) – Part 2


Only Sadgurus can give this Knowledge in a split second. Taking into consideration what Hafiz has said, we come to the conclusion that, however deeply we may think about what is beginningless beginning, we are unable to grasp it, explain it.

In the beginning there was God, and before God there was God; and before God there was God! What is in the end? God. And after that? God.

Through the medium of intellect this cannot be explained, because there the imagination is baffled, and mind and intellect cannot do anything. Mind is strong in imagination, and through the imagination of the mind, the whole world is created and conducted. But where the imagination of the mind gets obstructed, there is Dnyan! And for imagination to go, mind must go, but consciousness must be retained. So where is Dnyan? Where the power of imagination ends, there is Dnyan. It can be called “swayambhu” – automatic. It comes from God of its own accord. The Knowledge of God means Infinite Power, Bliss, Beauty and Everything. Then, instantaneously, everything is absolutely clear in the twinkling of an eye.

What is your own swayambhu dnyan (automatic knowledge)? It is that you know that you are a human being. This knowledge is not intellectual. You know you are a man. Yet, you do not think about this, you do not doubt this. A woman knows that she is a woman. It is self-knowledge of womanhood. Such knowledge can be termed as swayambhu.

In the same way, there is Divine Swayambhu. This Knowledge is real Knowledge. He who has this Knowledge not only sees himself in everything and everywhere, but lives the very life of God. This Knowledge cannot be gained, even after practicing sadhana for millions of years and lives, without the help of a Sadguru. Without contact with a Sadguru, Union is not possible; but such contact, too, is possible in very rare cases. But again, this is Union and not Dnyan.

–Lord Meher (first ed), p3916

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