Knowledge (Dnyan) – Part 1

… Baba dictated the following discourse on Knowledge (Dnyan):

Knowledge (Dnyan) is a thing that even after endless evolutionary forms, it is very difficult to attain. But it could even be grasped in a fraction of a second; such is Knowledge.

Imagination is so strong, and its scope is so infinite, that you can imagine anything. You can imagine a rat with a million heads. One can imagine oneself to be a king. The universe is the outcome of imagination. But in the end, there is a check. Imagination cannot reach eternity. There is no question of time in eternity. That thing which has no beginning and no end, how can it be limited by time?

What was in the beginning? But when there is no beginning, how can there be a beginning at all? Any amount of imagination cannot think about infinity. This Knowledge comes within a second, though even after an infinite number of forms, it cannot be grasped. When it comes, it comes in a second.

What is Knowledge? Vedanta, which cannot reach it, explains it. We can compare God to a boundless, shoreless ocean. We are all drops in the ocean. We can imagine drops and ocean, but we cannot imagine Dnyan. What is it that we cannot imagine? It is a Thing where there is no beginning and no end. This is Dnyan. The only thing that we cannot imagine is what is beyond beginning and what is beyond end. No one is able to grasp this. Even the rishis and munis are baffled.

Hafiz says:

“The falcon of Knowledge can never be caught
in the net of imagination.
So fold this net,
for therein you catch nothing but emptiness.”

–Lord Meher (first ed), p3916

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