Leaving fate to God

Shatrugna Kumar was now accepted as if one of the men companions and was permitted to see Baba often. On April 20th, he came with Jamnadas, the Mahant of the village. Baba explained to them, “For you both, I feel a sort of responsibility of love. In the New Life, I am not meeting anyone except you, Keki Nalavala, Burjor Chacha, Keki Desai, Virendra Patel and Elcha Mistry, and it is only to you and them that I give my personal contact.”

Baba then asked Jamnadas, “Would you sincerely and faithfully carry out two instructions I give you?” Jamnadas assured Baba he would. “Then don’t worry in the least about your permanent release from prison until the very last minute of your going back to prison on June 17th. And every night before going to bed, offer this heartfelt prayer:

“O God, I leave my fate in your hands.”

The Mahant had been sentenced to prison for shooting and killing two villagers during a dispute, but had been granted a temporary parole because he was ill, suffering from tuberculosis. Jamnadas agreed to follow these two orders, and Baba added, “I feel inwardly that if you obey these instructions faithfully, God will not fail you.” Jamnadas derived courage from Baba’s words. Afterwards, Baba remarked to him, “From now on, you should accept it that your connection with me in the New Life will not continue.”

To Kumar, Baba observed, “I feel that in the future I might have connection with you in the New Life until the end, but I cannot promise.”

The day Baba left Dehra Dun, June 14th, 1950, an order was received from the government that the Mahant had been permanently released from prison.

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