“Let there be no half-hearted dealings between us”

“Tomorrow, when you go from here back to your homes, some of you will take photos of Baba with you, but what Baba wants you to do is to take Baba with you.

“As you leave me you should take as much of me as you can. There is no doubt that I am in you all. However it is up to you to take me with you and to keep me with you.

“To come to me is difficult in itself. Having overcome this difficulty, do not go away from me for anything, or to any other place. When you leave here, go straight back to your homes. You have come for me, and you should go for me. If you leave to visit other places and do other things, do all that after completing the circuit of coming and going exclusively for me. Whatever you do, do it whole-heatedly. Let there be no half-hearted dealings between us.

“Having come so near to Bombay, one of you has received a number of telegrams from business connections there. But I have asked this person to return home first and then return to Bombay. I don’t want you to be half-hearted in your business with me.”

-Listen Humanity, p81


Know once and for all, as long as you hold fast to my daaman, you are priceless.
But if you let go, you have no worth, no value at all. So beware, and hold on to my
daaman until the very end. (Is That So. p47)

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