New enlightened humanity


Out of the agonising travail and suffering of the present times, the new enlightened humanity has to be born. Man shall be weaned away from the allurements of the ego-life. He shall come into full inheritance of his own divinity, and know himself to be none other than the supreme God himself. And his heart shall be unlocked so as to release the dynamic love divine.

Divine love knows no decay, fear or corruption, because it is illumined by the understanding that all life is one.

Let those who are alive to the real values hearken to this call of mine. They will have an ample share in bringing into existence the new era of truth and love.

I give my blessings to all.

-Messages of Meher Baba, East and West, ed. Adi K. Irani, p66
(Nov, 1944; Nagpur)

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