“I am crucified eternally and continually for all”


Jesus was humiliated and physically hurt, and he knew it would be, because he had planned it all long ago. He did it for all. And to have the right result, he had actually to experience the helplessness and the suffering. Do not think that because he was omnipotent, he did not suffer the humiliation and the crucifixion. If he had not, it would not have had the desired effect.

-September 1954, Meherabad, “The Turning of the Key”, William Le Page p358


Why did he undergo crucifixion? Because humanity would never listen to him. He said… ‘I am the reality. All follow me. Wake up from the dream.’ No one listened.

-20 July 1956, New York, Glow International Aug. 1988 p5


Christ’s greatness was not in his power and miracles, but in his humility in being crucified. His humility was his true greatness.

-August 1956, Australia, Awakener 4:1 p19


Everlastingly, with all the divine bliss within me, I eternally suffer for one and all — thus I am crucified eternally and continually for all.

-The Three Incredible Weeks, Meherabad, 1954; www.lordmeher.org, p3641


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