Baba’s method of pulling us out of maya – Nilu and marriage

Baba narrated another incident about Nilu to Donkin:

When Nilu first came to me, I inquired about him getting married. He wanted to marry, and if I had prevented him, it would not have been taken so well. So I made a plan and sent him, accordingly, with Kaku and my Shireenmai to Poona to see a nice girl.

There, in fact, Shireen and Kaku showed Nilu several girls, and it so happened that the girls he liked did not like him, and those he did not like, liked him. Thus, after his rambles, he returned to Meherabad and told me, “Baba, I don’t want to marry.” I wanted him to say this, and it happened according to my plan, as I turned my key.

But if I had objected at the beginning, although he would have obeyed me, the desire to marry would still have been burning there.

Baba asked Nilu, “Is this true or false?”

Nilu said, “Quite true. No one else in the world could have played such a perfect game.”, p2491
July, 1945; Hyderabad

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