No one wins, no one loses

The conditions that prevail in the world today are the cause of its suffering. But this misery and suffering are not for emancipation. Only love can achieve that….

But when one loses in war, one tries to get into the next war. The mentality is like that. For example: What will you fight with? With arms! The only solution for it is to cut off everybody’s arms. Then they will find themselves “armless,” and come to the conclusion that this armlessness has come about because of their showing the strength of their arms. Then they will promise each other from the bottom of their hearts to maintain weapons but never to use them on each other. Then they help each other and become like members of one family. This is what is being done.

All will be exhausted, just go limp. No one wins, no one loses; all will be half-dead., p2120
July, 1940; Ranchi

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