No rigid set of rules

“There can be nothing like a rigid set of rules to outline the means by which you may be led to the one and only path to God-realization. This path lies through the subtle and mental spheres, which are independent of and ‘above’* the gross sphere with its innumerable stars, suns, moons and worlds, including the earth.

“Whatever brings you nearer to the path and suits you best, is best for you, provided you are able to put it into practice whole-heartedly and in harmony with the natural bent of your mind. A good runner who remains indifferent to racing cannot make good progress, but a lame man who keeps on limping vigorously may soon arrive at the path. If it is not used properly the best car is virtually useless to the traveler, however concerned he may be to arrive at his destination.

-Listen Humanity, p41

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