Turning the key

During Bill Le Page’s stay,

Bill Le Page with Babated him to move to Avatar’s Abode from Sydney with his family, as soon as conveniently possible. Baba said: “I wish you to put yourself 100 percent into the work I am giving you. You must become even more serious in your efforts to spread my name and message, and put your heart into the development of Avatar’s Abode. People who wish to stay there should seek your permission first. Do everything you can to establish good relations with the general community.”

Bill had tried his best to spread Baba’s name in Australia since the mid-1950s, but without much tangible success.

After Baba had repeated these instructions over a number of days, toward the end of his stay Bill burst out, pleading, “Baba, I have tried to spread your message but to no avail! I don’t feel myself to be the man required for such a job.”

Baba looked at him steadily and simply said, “I will turn the key,” and gestured with his hand as if turning a key.

Little did Bill suspect that Baba’s help was already beginning to take effect! While he was in India, a young man came to Meher House in Sydney, wanting to meet him and learn more about Meher Baba. As soon as Le Page returned to Australia, the youth came back with several friends. Others too became eager to know more about Baba, and during the following months, Bill was called upon to deliver talks over the radio, on television and at public meetings. Baba had fulfilled his promise and given a sudden boost to the work.

Baba cabled Bill: “The world is nothing into nothing into nothing … Carry out my instructions given at Meherazad and those I give from time to time 100 percent. Remember, the time is fast approaching, so no sacrifice will be too great for the work I entrusted to you.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p5264
Mar, 1967; Meherazad


“My lovers are the medium of my outer work, which is a result of the inner work I do.”
(www.lordmeher.org, p5264)

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