Curb the weaknesses with Baba’s remembrance

In Calcutta A. C. S. Chari had a difficult time that day [Silence Day]. It was a day “full of remorse,” as he reviewed in silence his past mistakes and misdeeds. He felt so contrite that he could not contain himself and in the evening he sent this telegram to Baba:

Reviewing all past events of my life, I feel bitter remorse and feel that I was unworthy of being thy lover, disciple and worker. I pray for complete forgiveness and for thy love and grace to make me worthy of your love and perennial grace in all ways.

Chari received this reply:

Baba wants me to inform you that he has forgiven you and that you should not worry about your drawbacks or weaknesses, but pay all attention to curb them and to rise above them with the prop of his remembrance and his name. Baba wants me to mention here that you are one of his jewels in his cause, and as such, the jewel can never get tarnished even though its lustre may apparently get dimmed by extraneous matter — dust or dirt! Once the jewel is polished it shines and remains to shine bright., p5081
Aug, 1964; Meherazad

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