Real Darshan



Ramjoo read out Baba’s message on Real Darshan (given in Dehra Dun). At ten-thirty, Baba dictated this message on the alphabet board:

We are all one. Every one of you has the Infinite within, and yet, because of ignorance, everyone feels some kind of helplessness. It is a mighty divine joke that everyone, being most powerful and blissful, feels most weak and miserable. The very moment this ignorance goes, you become the Infinite Source of All-power and All-bliss. And as I am within you all, I can authoritatively say that if you love me with all your heart so as to lose yourself in me, this ignorance will go.

Poor, rich, literate, illiterate, small, big – all can love me by ardently thinking of me, which requires no ceremony and no other efforts. You can also love me by rendering selfless service to humanity. The term “selfless service” has been so commonly used that the purpose is lost in the very mentioning of it. You serve others only when you do it even at the cost of your own happiness, and in your mind even the thought of having served does not exist.

Now I am giving good news to myself that soon I will have to get rid of this alphabet board and break my silence, as I really am fed up with this silence., p3459
Feb, 1954; Andhra Darshans

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