Resign to the will of God and be happy

Real happiness is within; once you know how to attain it, you will find it everywhere. (Love Alone Prevails, Kitty Davy, p129)

Everyone can be happy, but some feel happy and some feel miserable. Those who constantly want something will never feel happy. Misery is bound to accompany wanting. Those who never want for themselves but for others, they can feel happy. (Awakener magazine Vol. IV, Number 3, p15)

If [people] would just resign to the will of God, they would be happy, because they would know how to feel happy. One should not think of self; one should think of others, and try to make others happy. Then there would not be any strife. All would be happy, everything would be harmonious.

-Awakener magazine Vol. IV, Number 3, p16


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