Self-control is the real thing on the path


People join the war, fight, get wounded and suffer untold hardships – but that is easy in comparison. To keep your best mood in every situation, never to be upset or sad, to speak gently and lovingly, never using a harsh word, not to get excited when someone steals your chapati, but to say from the bottom of your heart: “May Baba bless you!” – that is really difficult.

To control the self is more difficult than walking on fire or glass. It is easy to win a war of nations, but most difficult to win your own self. It is the only real thing on this path. To keep a calm head, tolerate and swallow everything., p2186
Jan, 1941; Jaipur


β€œOnce the mind’s control is firm you are lost! Mind is a storehouse of low desires and always misleads you. It has the stamp of animal desires on it from billions of years.” (, p2162)

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