States of consciousness – Part 2

So in the subtle plane, in the first manzil, the soul sees wonderful things and becomes enchanted; it loses its gross consciousness and it begins to hear subtle music, and to see subtle sights and to enjoy them. But if the soul is wise, through good fortune, or the Guru is capable, the soul leaves the first manzil and enters the second manzil of the subtle plane. In that manzil the soul sees, hears and smells through the subtle senses more intensely, and the muqams of the subtle sphere appear more agreeable. In the second manzil the soul becomes so enchanted and is so overpowered that everything is a billion times brighter than the sun! And a million times colder than the moon! The soul gets enveloped in this light, and hears the voices and smells the scents so intensely and so overpoweringly that it enters it completely. This is called the spiritual talisman. One has no consciousness of the gross world.

If the Guru is not capable, and if its past impressions do not allow it to proceed, the soul drops the body, takes another form and comes back in the same state of consciousness. Yet it is pure illusion. If the Guru is adept, he advances the pilgrim and the third manzil is reached. Consciousness is still subtle. The muqams are the same muqams. The subtle senses are now in the most intense phase. But the innumerable sights and sounds of the innumerable muqams do not overpower the soul. It has now full control over the senses and its experiences, not only in the gross manzil, but also in the two previous subtle manzils. It is now energy personified.

All this is dealt with in God Speaks. The soul still has its gross body and is still in the gross world, but functions simultaneously in the subtle world. It uses its gross and subtle senses simultaneously. If Francis [Brabazon] were in the third manzil of the subtle world, and at the same time experiencing the muqams of the third manzil, he would have gross and subtle consciousness simultaneously. He would have infinite energy under his control in the gross world. Yet our poor Francis would still be in illusion.
Date: 19 September 1954  (“The Three Incredible Weeks”)

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4467

(, Revised 2014, p3587)

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