States of consciousness – Part 5 (Final)

Now let us look at the diagram. There are seven planes, seven manzils, innumerable muqams in six planes, one muqam in the gross sphere, and one muqam in the sixth manzil. In the fourth plane there is no manzil and no muqam.

In conclusion, Baba stated:

When you remember me, you are in sahaj dnyan (God’s company or presence). The question is how to remember me.

The easiest and surest way is to do as I tell you. It will be somewhat of a task at first, as when you start to run you feel it too much (sore muscles); but when you are in training, you feel it “sahaj” (meaning, naturally). At first, you will have to do it deliberately, then it will become natural.

There are four quarters of the day; there are four divisions in man’s physical state: childhood, youth, maturity, old age. There are four quarters that Kabir calls the signposts. The first thing in the morning when you get up, before doing anything, think of Baba for one second. Baba is then worn by your soul: early in the morning dress your soul with Baba. At 12 noon, for one second do the same; do it again about five o’clock; when you retire do it also. I have never asked anyone to do this, not even the mandali. If you do it, I will be always with you, and you will feel my company all the time. Do it for four seconds every day, then you will be in the world, yet Baba will be with you all the time. This is the beginning of sahaj dnyan.

To sum up, we have to feel in our heart of hearts that only God is real, that He alone exists, that He is in us all, that He alone is to be loved: God and God alone.


Date: 19 September 1954  (“The Three Incredible Weeks”)

–Lord Meher (First Ed), p4467

(, Revised 2014, p3587)

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