“Suffering is necessary when you are in this spiritual path.”




Baba frequently visited Gulmai at Khushru Quarters and went to a movie at Sarosh Cinema. On 4 July, Gulmai wept before Baba and bitterly complained about having to live apart from him (in Ahmednagar rather than on Meherabad Hill, as she had done before) because of Shireenmai. When Baba went to see her a week later, on the 12th, and informed her that she would not be accompanying the group when they shifted from Meherabad, Gulmai was even more disappointed and said she wanted to commit suicide. Baba consoled her, emphasizing her spiritual connection with him, and commented, “Suffering is necessary when you are in this spiritual path.”

-www.lordmeher.org, p2017
July, 1939; Meherabad


“Suffering comes and goes; joy comes and goes; pleasure comes and goes. They will demand your utmost patience, courage, poise and, above all, your love and obedience to me. Whoever stands for me, stands for the Truth – the Eternal Light that is forever illumining the hearts of you all.”
(www.lordmeher.org, p2523)

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