Emancipation from the reign of karmic determination

Before karma is created, the individual has a sort of freedom to choose what it shall be. But after it […]

The Repentance prayer



[Before participating himself in Repentance prayer as a devotee in the Fiery Life, Baba said:]

I want you all to […]

The working of the law of karma


There is a king who has vast possessions. But he is a worthless king. He spends all his energy and money in selfish […]

An example of the working of the law of Karma


To show you how karma persists as a connecting link and a life- determining factor of future lives I give you an example. […]

To get free from this business of karma


The wheel of births and deaths ceaselessly turns. You are born as a male, as a female; rich, poor; brilliant, dull; […]

Bound by the law of Karma

“…By a special dispensation of God, also, the very highest type of devotee, whose whole being is permanently focused on the divine beloved, is […]

Truth is of God, Law is of Illusion

There are two things: Truth and Law. Truth belongs to God, Law belongs to Illusion.

Illusion is infinitely vast yet it is governed by […]

Playing with illusion: Need for spiritual wisdom

I appreciate the faith which has brought you here. I also appreciate your love and devotion. It has made me very happy. I know […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Destiny of the Reincarnating Individual: Game of hide and seek

The actors are so engrossed in their respective roles that they treat them as the be-all and end-all of all existence. For the major […]

Reincarnation and Karma – The Destiny of the Reincarnating Individual: Analogy of drama

Raja Gopichand play enacted by Masts at Rahuri

The drama of the continued life of the individual soul has many acts. From […]