The endless New Life

“This New Life is endless, and even after my physical death will be kept alive by those who live the life of complete renunciation […]

The New Life: The song of the New Life


By late October 1949, Dr. Ghani had composed the New Life Song in Hindi, and after some corrections by Baba, Baba […]

The New Life: “Absolute and perfect renunciation”


Hopelessness means renunciation of all hopes.

Aimlessness means renunciation of all aims.

The New Life: Baba’s Sermon – Part-2 (Final)


The Soul becomes free of the binding of impressions through various paths. And Love is the most important of these paths, leading […]

The New Life: Baba’s Sermon – Part-1


Being just now in the Old Life for these few hours, I will tell you what I feel to be the established divine […]

Conclusive part of Manonash – “All rites, rituals and ceremonies are hereby consumed in the flames.”

Baba stepped out of his cabin at 7:00 P.M.[ on 31st January 1952] and the dhuni was lit. Eruch read the following […]

The New Life: Manonash phase – The Imampur incident – Part 2 of 2

Inside the mosque – probably the room ventilator where the bird’s nest was located

Eruch quickly went back to the nest and was […]

The New Life: Manonash phase – The Imampur incident – Part 1 of 2

About Manonash, Baba explained that the four months would be divided into four phases: the first, lasting 30 to 40 days, was to be […]

The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)- part-7 (Final)

The fact is that we are God, but we are misled by this shameless mind. The mind is so shameless that the more you […]

The New Life: Discourse on Manonash (Annihilation of mind)-Part 6

Some Perfect Masters thought that the mind must be diverted if it is to be killed. Mind makes the ego say: “I am body.” […]