Spiritual progress is gradual and imperceptible

When the time is ripe, the advancement of a person toward Self-knowledge comes about as naturally as the physical body of a child grows […]

Progress depends upon internal help


[Personal interviews]

Question: She feels unhappy being unable to help others as she wants on account of doubts arising in her mind.

Baba: […]

The progression

Someone else asked, “But how do we earn that opportunity (of meeting a Perfect Master)? All of us cannot think of God and […]

Reincarnation and Karma [61]– The Destiny of the Reincarnating Individual: Spiritual progress requires active effort

Spiritual progress requires active effort: As a rule, the person who has entered the spiritual path gradually advances until he […]

20130610 – Human nature is to complain about physical discomfort

The previous few days, Baba had ordered Dara Hansotia to meditate early in the morning, but he was often disobedient. Later that day, Baba […]