Yogic powers vs. Spiritual powers



In Raipur, on 11 July, Baba gave an explanation of the powers of yogis (siddhis) compared to spiritual powers:

Through […]

Yogic Powers and Union – Part 2 of 2

Take another analogy. Just as a juggler or mesmerizer seems to change a piece of cardboard into a bottle right before your […]

Yogic Powers and Union – Part 1 of 2

The powers that the yogis use derive from the unlimited source of electricity in the air, which comprises the third layer inside. […]

The Powers That Yogis Use – Part 2 of 2

By contrast, a Sadguru need not exert his energies by breathing and checking, in the manner of yogis; he simply thinks his […]

The Powers That Yogis Use – Part 1 of 2

Shri Ramakrishna was realized, and his many followers accepted and believed him as suchβ€”as God personified, even though these followers of his had no […]

Becoming is the objective – experiences mislead the seeker

The real danger of these experiences is that it misleads the seeker into thinking that he has reached the Goal and has […]

Becoming is the objective – The danger of “experiences” on the path

Eruch related the experience of Balak Bhagwan, the seventeen-year-old boy from Madhya Pradesh, who was filled with Baba’s light and presence, and saw Baba […]