The Advancing Life Stream – Part 2 (Evolving consciousness from one species to another)

Some species help and others hamper the forward movement of the advancing life stream. For example, weeds retard the development of higher forms of vegetables and plants. Their part in the vegetative life is comparable to that of primitive races in the civilized world. But their function is not merely negative. By competing with higher forms of vegetation, they invite in such higher forms a greater power for struggle for existence. Yet the spiritual status of a species is not always to be determined by its usefulness to some other species. The stinging nettle is not necessarily lower in evolution just because it stings the men who touch it. To think so would be to take a purely anthropocentric view of creation. To view things in their right perspective, we have to see all forms, including human forms, as evolved for the fulfillment of the one eternal divine life.

In its creative self-fulfillment, the advancing life-stream can and does forge new species such as natural or artificial hybrids in vegetable or animal kingdoms. Even man-made hybrids in plants or animals can become a medium for gathering fresh experiences in the ascending scale of evolution. But it is not compulsory for every soul to go through these hybrid forms. It is open to the soul to gather these experiences through the parent species from which the hybrids have sprung into existence.

However, evolution is sometimes expedited through hybrid forms, and this would be applicable to the products of interracial marriages.

– Beam, p21

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