“The best is not to ask for anything” – part 3

In response to my call to one and all to leave all and come to me, some have come. A few have responded for the sake of spiritual enlightenment, others to gain peace and escape from worldly strife and entanglements, while a few have come through their love for me to find me as I am.

Those who have come to me have naturally become dependent upon me, but in spite of that, I, as Baba, remain free and independent.

I have been seeing to their requirements with the money which has been coming and going in the spirit of love. I accept with love what is offered to me with love, and I also disburse it out of love. I neither obtain money through miracles nor am I connected with any moneymaking business. There are those who have offered what they can spare, and there are those who have dedicated their all to me and to my cause of love, unmindful of money for the sake of money.

Under the existing conditions of no promises from me, no bindings upon me and no undertakings by me, my dependents must also be made to feel quite free of their material dependence upon me. Thus, they will be able to maintain a pure relationship of love for the sake of love.

I now wish to be outwardly what I always am inwardly: living solely in love, for love and with love. In that spirit, the whole world could live with me irrespective of whether or not there happened to be any provision for food and shelter for the “todays” as well as for the “tomorrows.” As it is, I am free and no bindings touch me, but I should also be free of  the need to bother about arrangements for others. I now want love to reign supreme outwardly, as it always does inwardly in me.

-www.lordmeher.org, p3727
May 1955; Meherabad


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