The “dark spiritual night” (2/5) – How not to put thoughts into action




There is no need for you to check thoughts from coming, but they should not be put into action. What is the way out? Just to say do not put them into action? What is the practical remedy? Some people think and repeat: “I am God, I am the Soul.” But this thought cannot free anyone. Only when you experience God, then nothing binds you; otherwise, all the Vedantic reasoning cannot free you. So what happens? People having such thoughts remain engrossed in maya and do not worry about anything. They allow their bad thoughts to result in actions and enjoy a worldly way of living. But afterwards, with the spending of these sanskaras, new sanskaras crop up. This is the way of the world. The indifference of the Vedantists toward such thoughts, and thinking that only God is real and whatever we do is by the will of God are the cause of such happenings. If you could continually feel convinced that nothing happens without God’s will, it is good. …But it is impossible to have such a firm conviction without Experience.

So what is to be done? There are two ways: First, lay at the feet of your guru all the results of your actions. Let thoughts come, do things, but remain free by dedicating them to your Master. You will be free spiritually. But this too is impossible, or almost impossible. For that we have to be quite honest. So there is only one other way left, and that is to follow the Master’s orders 100 percent, and let thoughts come, good or bad. Do not let them turn into actions, and offset them by entertaining other thoughts. Think of the Master and his orders. This too is difficult because just when you are drowned in thoughts, at that time, to have thoughts about the Master and his behests is difficult., p3305
March, 1953; Dehra Dun

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