The “dark spiritual night” (3/5) – How not to put thoughts into action



So what is the remedy? Do one thing: When you have sexual thoughts do not drive away the picture of the girl before your mind. Stare at it and think what a beautiful body, what a lovely face. But what amount of filth and dirt is inside — urine, shit, blood, pus, all sorts of muck! The more you think like that, your former thoughts of the girl’s beauty are worn out. The moment you have these thoughts of filth in the body, remember the name of the Master. If he is a Master, he will surely help you.

So don’t worry about it all. Let thoughts of lust, anger and greed come. They must come. Fire must reach its zenith and then it will gradually subside.

… If you, in all faith, accept me as Perfect and obey my orders, your responsibility ceases. Therefore, in either case you are safe. But follow my wishes 100 percent.

I feel that you have obeyed me 75 percent and not 100 percent. So resolve firmly to obey me 100 percent, not 75 percent or 90 percent. Trying to obey me 100 percent means trying to follow my instructions literally, and then you will be completely safe., p3306
March, 1953; Dehra Dun

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