The “dark spiritual night” (4/5) –  How not to put thoughts into action



…  I have been saying nowadays repeatedly: Only honesty counts. What you went through mentally you told me honestly. But, dear child, this is what is called the dark spiritual night. It is that state where the seeker’s ardor cools down completely and he is fed up with the Path and falls prey to dejection, uninterest and failure.

What happens is that when we are really guided toward Self-Realization by the Master, all the hidden impressions of the past lying dormant in the subconscious mind come forth. They want to be spent, but that is the moment of spiritual crisis. No amount of jap, tap, meditation or religious practices you do will enable you to cross the “bridge.” Only the help of the Master and your own honesty will make you succeed. There are many who in your place would not feel so frustrated, dejected or care for me, my name or your aim, but would go on posing as spiritual men. That is a fall. When this consciousness comes, one must go one way or the other, absolutely, or be a complete fraud., p3307

March, 1953; Dehra Dun

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